Action Plan

Congratulations, you’ve made a great business decision.

Before we build your website we need you to do two things:

1. Sign up for a hosting account.
2. Register a domain name.

We could do this for you, but that would involve you handing over personal information… and even though we’re 100% accountable and trustworthy we simply don’t recommend it.

Besides, we’ve conveniently laid out the process below in a simple, straightforward manner.

Getting a Hosting Account:

First off, for those who don’t know, a hosting account is mandatory when building a website. It allows you (or us with permission) to upload files to the internet. And in doing so have them display on your website. We won’t get any further into this because this is our business and I’m pretty sure you have your hands full with yours.

To sign up:

1. Click this link to go get your hosting. We’ve created a coupon for you to get your first month for a penny, keep reading for more details.

2. Once on the site, click the big yellow button “View Web Hosting Plans”.

3. At this point you have to decide which hosting plan best suits your business. The hatchling plan will work for your website, but you may want to review the features of the baby and business plan.

For example, if you wish to add more websites later a hatchling plan will limit your ability to do so, additionally if you would like a toll free number the business plan could possibly be your best choice.

4. Click the “Order Now” button.

5. Next you will pick your domain name. (

NOTE: We recommend picking a name that searchers will type into Google. This will greatly increase your ranking in the search engines right off the bat.

Examples Domain Names:

Of course you would pick your city and field of business. You get the point.

Also realize that the name you desire may already be taken, to solve that you may have to change your name or change the extension from .com to .net or .org.

Below you will see “Enter Coupon Code”. We have created a special bonus code for you: “SYNERGIZEBONUS” (without quotes). This will allow you to get you first month for just one penny.

6. After picking a successful domain name you will be taken to a billing information page. Here you will need to confirm your hosting package, make a username and password (security pin), and fill out your billing information.

7. Before clicking “Create Account” make sure Coupon Credit shows SYNERGIZEBONUS if not you won’t get your first month for a penny.

8. After your hosting account is setup you will need to pass along your account information in order for us to build your website. Please send it to

9. When your hosting and domain information is received we will help you pick out a theme for your website and will request necessary content for your site.

Content includes:

  • logos
  • images
  • phone numbers
  • business address
  • customer reviews
  • a small writeup about your company
  • articles that will interest visitors (optional but highly recommended)

10. Leave the rest to us! We’ll install your website, add your theme and content, and optimize it for the search engines using our “special in-house techniques”.

Please give us one week after receiving your information to build your website. Thanks.

If you have any questions or concerns just email us at

To your Success! Have a Great Day.

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